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Is iPage a good web hosting company? We’ve been using this unlimited shared hosting since 2009 and having years of sweet experience here. We are monitoring this iPage review site for service uptime downtime, and evaluated their customer service as well. We know their strength and weakness. This makes us a fully unbiased iPage review website and all fact publish here are based on our research and experience. In recent years, we have gained access to special coupon price and able to offer special discount to new customer signup. View our latest iPage coupons and the current discount price at below.

IPage web hosting has been online since 1998 and currently trusted by over a million domains. Indeed they’re the most favor web host right now with massive advertisement found all over the Internet. We can see their ads in Youtube and in most other major websites. And this is a web host with highest traffic and ranked 1147 in Alexa traffic rank. Almost everyone knows about them and this is the right place to go when looking for a quality web hosting service.

IPage Homepage

Getting started with iPage hosting! If you want to establish an online presence, you need to know the important steps that need to be taken. You should know how to get started with your domain, website, email, database and other aspects. These are the basic things that you need so as to set up the perfect platform where you will be interacting with the people you are targeting. Whether you want to set up a website for your company or you are an entrepreneur who wants to embrace e-commerce, you have no option but to get these things right and know how to proceed from there.

Getting started with iPageThe domain is your website address. It is the one that web users will use to get to you. You need to identify a good name and fond a company that can help you to register it. When it comes to the registration, there are several options that you can choose from. For instance, there are companies that can register the names for free as long as you buy other packages from them. There also are those that will charge you a certain amount depending on the kind of name that you have chosen. You only need to know how to pick the option that suits you best.

When choosing the domain name, make sure that it is one that can promote your website. It always is good to go for one that your clients can easily remember and find. Even when you are the very complicated and sophisticated type, there is nothing that you will gain if you choose a name that pulls you back in your efforts to succeed online. Sometimes, you may have the option of purchasing a name that has already been registered if you feel that it is the one that you really need. The amount payable for such names depends on your negotiations with the party that registered it.

Select domain nameAfter choosing and registering your domain, the next step is to design a website. This is your actual online home where your visitors will find everything that you have to offer. Web design entails a lot of details that may be difficult to master at once. However, this does not mean that you should be scared. In fact, with the increased innovation, there are people who put up sites ion minutes. There also are online platforms such as Word Press which can allow you to set up free websites. Such sites are however limited and you might need to upgrade in order to enjoy more flexibility and freedom.

You also should find a webhosting company in order to make the site live. This is where some people go wrong. There are those who just choose and of the web hosts that they find around without even bothering to know what they can do. In as much as there are many such companies, you should understand that not all of them can be good. In fact, you will be baffled to learn that there is a big difference in what the companies can do and so, you need to understand how to separate the good from the bad.

Designing your siteWeb design is another thing that should be done carefully. Your customers want to like what they see when they land on your website. They also want to navigate easily and find the information that they are looking for fast. In addition to that, they are also looking for god page layouts. This means that you should come up with a design that is in line with your site nature. Do not just pick themes, plug-ins and other things without knowing what your sites needs and what it does not.

With your site up and running, you also need to add emails. Emails are what your clients, partners or anyone else online will use to communicate with you. This is a very important factor because without it, you never will even know if there is anyone interested in what you are posting online. An email account that is linked to your site is far much better than those that are offered for free. It makes your communication more credible because as reliable studies have always shown, people often like it when they see a professional email address.

Sending and receiving emailIn most cases, the number of emails that you can add to your website depends on your hosting package. This is also determined by the price that you are paying for it. For instance, if you choose the lowest priced packages, you may not have a lot of space on your site and so, the mails will be limited. If there are many departments in your company and you would like to include and email for every department, the best thing to do is to talk to the webhosting company and see if they have a plan that can support enough email addresses.

A database when it comes to online activities simply refers to some space that will store your files and where they will be linked to the site. If you are going to include things such as texts, pictures, graphics and videos, this is where they will be kept. If you find a good webhosting company, you definitely will not have any problem using the database because most of the things are automated. The only thing that you need to be assured of is that the database will be reliable. You do not want a situation whereby your site keeps going down or your data does not appear on the site just because the links to the database are not working well. This can be too costly especially if the site is a commercial one.

In a nutshell, domain, website, email, database and other services are crucial when it comes to online success. Leading contractors will always ask you to take your time and choose those that are appropriate. This is because you only will be setting the stage for your own failure if you rush to choose just anything that comes your way.

IPage featuresIs iPage shared web hosting with the best feature? This plan is general purpose and can be used to host any number of websites. Their unlimited hosting plan is using high performance web servers’ hardware software, and hosting website here is made easy with the latest technologies. This plan is all in one package that includes unlimited disc space and transfer. There are no extra charges or hidden cost for extra disk space usage. The usage limits are very high and multiple websites hosting is not a problem. This configuration is able to fulfill 90% of webmaster use. If you feel you’re falling into the last 10%, this budget shared hosting isn’t for you after all. Here are the unlimited features found in their shared hosting plan

  1. Unlimited disk space and storage for all your online websites.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth or web transfer.
  3. Unlimited domain website hosting.
  4. Unlimited MySQL database creation.
  5. Unlimited email accounts.

This is a web hosting plan that allows multiple websites, no additional cost to host more websites. They give one free domain, Sitelock domain security and website builder too. For all these, we are giving them very high score in feature aspect. There is zero risk to signup, you’re protected with anytime money back guarantee and able to request for account cancellation at anytime you want. Their customer service with 24/7 online chat is here to help you whenever you’re in trouble or facing technical problem.

After checking all their features, price and customer service quality… what concern next is the website uptime rating and server speed rating. We want to know how fast is iPage server and how great is their website uptime in reality. We are using this hosted iPage review site for testing and uptime tracking. Here are some of the history reports available from us:

In our iPage reviews, we look into every details possible and not only the pre-sales features or promotion coupons that encourage you to signup and not sure what you are getting next. If you want to know more about and their hosting services, here are the more advanced topic to know about.

Our iPage rating is above 9.9. This is not an ordinary budget web host; they’re the right with over a million website in their network. This hosting company is intensively promoting their product and services online and we can easily spot their advertisement in Youtube and many other Social network site. All these further show their strong reputation and acceptance by public user. This is a popular and highly recognized web hosting brand currently available online.

After our many years of iPage review, we have come out with a more proper rating system. And this web hosting company is rated accordingly to feature, price and quality. We have to check on everything and both front and back to know the actual truth about their web hosting services. We always want to help users to find the most ideal web hosting plan and signup with the lowest price as possible. This is what this iPage review and coupon site is all about. The following is what we reward them and also our editors’ IPage rating score.

iPage rating

How about the iPage user reviews and customer feedback? For many years, we have been collecting this and following is what the iPage customers have to say.

Average IPage user rating = 4.82/5(10)


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Is iPage wordpress hosting the best?

The WordPress blog application has never been so popular. For the pass few years, we have been using this blogging apps and find it getting better and improving. They are now officially accepted by various web hosting companies and these hosting providers are creating a specially tailored-made package for hosting this WordPress blog. If you are online blogger or a webmaster that have been using WordPress for years, this new trend of optimized WordPress hosting plan should already caught your attention.

IPage WordPress Starter is now start offering this WordPress web hosting plans. There are two packages available as following:

  1. WordPress starter $3.75/month.
  2. WordPress essential $6.95/month.

In this optimized WordPress plan, it uses customized control panel and includes more WordPress themes, plugin and addon. In normal iPage vDeck, we can’t find these feature installed. If you are someone turning pro or upgrading to a serious plan for your blog, this is the right features to have. In comparison, iPage hosting price is below $2 dollars a month, this price is nearly twice as more and is this worth it? For us that have been using this WP for so many years, we know how to make the site better and as we want it. In simple, having a custom plan that provide us the tools that we already have is not a necessary. This basic starter plan is not the one for us, but the Essential plan is something more likely.

IPage WordPress Essential PlanThis iPage WordPress Essential plan is nearly 10 times better. Thanks to the super speed hardware that uses SSD-based infrastructure that guarantee the best server performance and response. This mean your website speed will be much faster. It also includes deluxe security bundle that is designed to optimized your site security and it includes domain protection too. All these are nothing without their upgraded technical support that is personalized to you. This is a next level upgrade and this is truly optimized for WordPress site hosting. If you are a pro-blogger, this is the recommended choice.

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IPage VPS hosting review (20% coupon inside)

IPage VPS coupon 20% offAt last, what we wish for is finally here. They are not start offering iPage VPS plans and come in three options or packages. First of all, their VPS plan is really cheap and cost only $19.99 per month. For introductory offer, this is available with 20% discount off the first month. Before discount, the price was $24.99 per month. As usual this is an automated discount price and there is no coupon code required.

This virtual private server is one high-performance web hosting plan. The most basic package includes whopping 1 GB memory, 40 GB real disk storage space and 1 terabytes bandwidth usage per month. This amount of server resources is sufficient for hosting 20 to 30 of our iPage review sites at here. The size is large and practical for most business websites. If you are having really large website that need more space or memory, there are two more VPS plans to consider. They have business VPS plan with 4 GB and optimum plan with 8 GB RAM.

Why choose iPage VPS hosting? First thing we spotted here is their unique instant deployment feature and allow user to access their VPS account instantly. This is not available elsewhere. And next thing is their VPS are fully managed and technical support will help you on nearly everything from hardware to software upgrade, solving problem, or configuration help. And lastly, they are using cloud technology and this mean huge flexibility and next generation reliability. This is not old type with single server configuration, this is cloud based flexibility.

iPage VPS hosting

Unlike other VPS web host, iPage is now offering three types of VPS plans as the following:

  1. Basic VPS is with 1 cores, 40GB storage and 1GB RAM.
  2. Business VPS is with 2 cores, 90GB storage and 4GB RAM.
  3. Optimum VPS is with 4 cores, 120GB storage, 8GB RAM.

Which iPage VPS hosting plan to start with? Its very simple, if this is your first time upgrade to virtual private server, do get started with the basic package. Since their plan allow easy scalable in future when website demand increased. For most business website that demand the most from their web host, the business package that uses dual-cores processor and staggering 4GB memory should be the one to pick.

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IPage coupon code and discount $183

The best iPage coupon is $1.00 a month! We have spotted this remarkable web hosting deal and the new offer is now $1.00 per month only. This translates into 88% instant discount. This beat the previous $1.89 or 77% saving. We have put up a new tweet for this promotion. Here are some tips to help you getting the maximum discount and best saving. This one dollar iPage promotion is valid for 12 months term for $1.50 per month and chooses 24 months term for $1.00 per month. Total payment is $24 dollars for 2 years signup. This is an unbeatable offer and no other web hosts are offering similar discount. With one dollar we are getting the following features:

  1. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth transfer, and email addresses.
  2. Free domain name registration.
  3. Free site security suite.
  4. Free site builder and online store.
  5. Free search engine marketing credits.

iPage coupon one dollar


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Top 10 drag-and-drop site builder tools

The need to have a website increases by day. However, for majority this is hindered by the fact that traditionally, this has been the perverse of the technicians and web design professionals. In this regard, various companies have been in the forefront to ensure that there is in place mechanism that offers a chance for those willing and ready to put in a little effect a chance to acquire a website. Among the most common web builder sites, here is a list of top 10 drag-and-drop site builders that can be accessed and used with ease.


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Top 10 wordpress plugin for social sharing

Social media is an imperative component for any online promotion. Since the advent of social networking websites such as, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, social network sharing has come of age as far as internet marketing promotion is concerned. Small businesses, bloggers and even big brands now recognize the importance of social engagement. If you are running a WordPress blog or website, you require a way to make your website easier to use- for both your visitors and you. It is therefore quite logical to find social buttons on most online platforms- ecommerce sites, apps, mobile games and blogs. Here is a list of top 10 wordpress plugin for social sharing.


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Top 10 wordpress ecommerce plugin

A bunch of credit has to be given to WordPress for developing outstanding plugins for various fields. In this regard, there’re tens and hundreds of WordPresss platforms/plugins that have been developed for ecommerce purposes. These libraries of plugins have been designed to automate and simplify online businesses and enable online stores to make reasonable sales. Now, if you have been wondering which plugin is most suitable for your online business, then, worry no more, this article unveils the list of the best WordPress e-commerce plugins that will ultimately fit the needs of your enterprise.


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Top 10 wordPress themes

The WordPress blogging platform is a major asset to any blog creator. It has thousands of different themes for you to choose from depending on your needs and requirement. These themes can be used for designing any kind of blog which may include the likes of business or personal blogs. The following list sheds light on the top 10 wordpress themes that are available for bloggers to take advantage of and realize their dream of owning a professional and visually appealing blog.


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Cheaper and more reliable VPS hosting

IPage Cloud based VPS hostingIn this iPage review site, we have wrote a few web hosting review article and this is our second article all about iPage VPS web hosting plan. We have seen an increase in user demand and it is now more popular than ever. And so we see the need to write more about this topic and help you to find the most suitable VPS hosting plan for your website.

The Internet has become a necessity. Many businesses and corporations have their own websites and most of them have assembled expert teams solely for that purpose. There are so many transactions and deals that are done online for a quicker and efficient delivery of services and products.


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IPage cash rebates and discounts

$5 iPage rebate moneyiPage rebate money is with over $80 saving. In here, we have two things for you. First is the direct web hosting discount and second is our personal rebate money. Right now they are giving more special discount price. Compare to their regular price, the current rebate price is far cheaper and more attractive. The current price is $2.99 per month, but for limited time gets this at even lower price of $1.89 per month. After activating the iPage rebate or discount link, new customer can now get cash back money amount nearly to $80 dollars for first year. Save nearly $240 dollars for first 36 months. This is definitely their biggest promotion ever.


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Tips on how to create a successful blog

iPage WordPress Hosting PlansWhy choose to start a blog? A blog can give you a platform that you can use to share content with your clients, potential clients as well as partners. It is however important to make sure that the blog is creatively done and positioned for success. You will need to establish the goals of the blog. Think about what you want it to be about, for instance reviews, daily life, politics, fashion just to mention a few. You cannot just jump into blogging without knowing where you are going. You will need to figure out a niche that are you are passionate about since you will need to be posting content regularly to keep your readers or clients engaged.


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